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Industrial Dryers

Spray Dryer

SSP Spray Dryers are relatively simple in operation which accept feed in fluid state and convert it into a dried particulate form by atomizing the fluid into a dry powder. Uses application specific atomization system and can be designed to use a variety of heating sources. The unique Fines Re-circulation System produces highest quality of agglomerated powder.


Fluid Bed Dryer

SSP's Versatile dryer(Batch or Continuous Type) used for drying of various types of Liquid concentrates efficiently. It also reduces the energy requirement of a spray dryer plant when used as a second stage dryer for production of instant quality powders.


Turbo Dryer

Turbo Dryer of SSP is ideal for drying of wet cake, slurry, paste which is normally difficult to dry in other dryers. The feed is heated by hot air and at the same time disintegrated by a specially designed disintegrator. The dry powder is collected through cyclone separator / bag filter or with combination of both.


Vertical Agitated Thin Film Dryer (VTFD):

This dryer technology is used for converting concentrated material to solid/semi solid form. This is designed with or without vacuum system. Solvents or water is collected through condenser.

Due to vigorous agitation the heat transfer is fast and slurry is converted to solid or semi-solid form.


Multi Stage Dryer (MSD)

It is basically a combination of Spray dryer and Fluid Bed dryer used over multi stages of drying which comprises of the following:

  • High Pressure Nozzle System
  • Spray Dryer (1st Stage)
  • Twin Cyclone with Unique Fines Return System
  • Intermediate Fluid Bed Dryer (2nd Stage)
  • External Fluid Bed Dryer (3rd Stage)
  • Lecithination System

Rotary Dryer / RVD

SSP offers its high efficiency direct heat continuously fed Rotary dryers for both co-current & counter current operations. The dryer temperature is selected according to the type of product and can be as high as 350°C.


Steam Tube Dryer

Steam tube dryer is one of the indirect heated rotary dryers, which contains rotating shell, rows of steam tubes arranged in concentric circles and extended throughout the length of the dryer. Steam tubes are designed to transfer heat from steam to the material being dried. This is one of the most energy efficient dryers.


Freeze Dryer

SSP offers the ultimate in drying technology - freeze drying. Industrial freeze dryer retains aroma, improves appearance and taste because freeze drying takes place at a low temperature which minimizes heat damage and retains volatile components (aroma). It also increases the shelf life of the dried product as compared to standard drying practices. Freeze-drying involves dehydration of food products at low temperature and pressure. Hence this technique is currently being used for the production of instant coffee, instant tea, fruit pulp and other heat sensitive products.


Vacuum Band Dryer

SSP produces vacuum dryers for low temperature drying. They are best suited for continuous drying of temperature sensitive and sugar containing products at low temperature under vacuum conditions. Feed product is spread on the moving band and is dried as it moves on the hot plates in a vacuum chamber. Dried product is obtained at the other end preventing any damage to product because of heat.


Tumbler Dryer / Sterilizer / RVD

These types of dryers are mostly used in pharmaceutical companies. This is a batch type dryer heated by steam (Indirect). This dryer can also be used as a sterilizer. Recovery of solvent from powder is possible using such dryer.


Paddle Dryer

SSP’s paddle dryer is designed to facilitate intimate mixing for optimized heat transfer. Paddle Dryer is an indirect heat transmission dryer, a machine that processes organic and inorganic granular and powdery materials. It dries (or cools) such materials by bringing them into direct contact with revolving wedge-shaped hollow heaters (paddles) without using air as a heating medium.
SSP can design and customize paddle dryer for use with a variety of heat sources, which has a vast number of applications. Paddle dryer can use steam or thermic fluid as heating source.

Technical Features and Advantages of SSP’s Paddle Dryer:

Paddle Dryer produces uniform quality product with incredible efficiency.

  • Minimum Maintenance is required for powdered, granulated and pasty materials.
  • High heating factor can be obtained, due to large heat transfer area. Hence efficient heat transfer is maintained.
  • Great uniform powder quality is produced due to variable residence time and controlled distribution.

Economical Features and Advantages of SSP’s Paddle Dryer:

  • Minimal space is required to set up a paddle dryer as compared to other dryers.
  • Low Footprint and Less Stack Loss
  • Emission Free
  • Less Power Consumption hence overall savings on each running cycle.
  • Lower Capital Cost.
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