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When the world’s most popular and profitable brands look for the most dependable quality, they choose SSP. SSP has worked tirelessly to bring about a silent revolution in process technology that helps make the business a profitable venture.

For over forty years we have developed the science and art for food, pharmaceutical, chemicals, and waste processing plants. Yet we keep exploring new frontiers through our full-scale R&D facility extracting valuable products from various sources, reducing energy costs and developing new technologies while partnering with our clients.

This is precisely the reason why hundreds of businesses have put their faiths in SSPs well-engineered solutions which have delivered over 2000 processing plants and units all across the world touching millions of lives through reliable products.

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SSP the Power of Single Source

SSP has developed a complete inhouse seamless integrated facility that provides the necessary control on activities while honouring project deadlines. This ability of SSP rests on four pillars:

  • One of the largest pool of specialists with intricate knowledge of industry needs supported by state of the art R&D facility.
  • A large set of perfected technologies and key equipment designs
  • World class manufacturing facilities with international certifications
  • A committed and skilled service team for onsite activities

We are a one stop shop providing complete solution from concept to commissioning and support thereafter.

Celebrating four decades of excellence
//Our DNA

Evolution of our Reliability DNA

From the time of inception of SSP internal systems were programmed for continuous improvement in reliability and control of all internal systems. This has helped industry build trust in SSP’s technology solutions.

  • SSP has a unique Live Process Parameter Simulation system, the only of its kind that takes out all the guess-work giving the most optimized design solutions.
  • A bank of energy efficient technologies perfected from over 2000 installations in various kinds of environment.
  • Very well equipped manufacturing and fabrication facility following stringent international quality standards.

Above all these, there is a large family of brilliant professionals making things work to perfection.

//Quality Assurance

SSP Quality Assurance

SSP brings the world’s most respected quality certifications to your service. Quality is assured at every stage by a empowered and dedicated team of quality professionals. Our commitment to reliability originates from our ability to control quality for which we have several systems and certifications :

  • We have been certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Company.
  • SSP is an ASME ‘U’ stamp holder from American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Design and fabrication in SSP follows internationally accepted standards like ASME Section III Div. 1 for pressure vessels.
  • Plant and equipment are also manufactured in accordance with GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices) as requested by clients.
  • SSP manufactures and uses centrifugal and positive rotary pumps with American 3A Certification.



  • SSP is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
  • ASME ‘U’ Stamp Holder
  • For design and fabrication, SSP follows international standards like ASME Section VIII Division I for pressure vessels and stringent TEMA code for heat exchangers wherever necessary.
  • SSP has also supplied API pumps and electrical enclosure based on NEMA standard.
  • We manufacture / use American 3A for Centrifugal & Positive Rotary Pumps.
  • CE Certification can be obtained on Project to project basis.
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