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Aroma Recovery System

Natural Aroma suffer massive degradation during processing due to heat, oxidation and other factors. During extraction and concentration, flavor volatiles are not only destroyed by prolonged heating, but are also removed along with condensate water. In order to trap these volatile aromatic compounds during processing SSP has devised a system which is known as “AROMA RECOVERY”

SSP has already supplied many Aroma Recovery units for coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices like orange, apple and grapes. SSP has initially supplied packed column bed to capture apple juice aroma and also supplied Bubble Cap Columns for coffee and now supplying Rotary Cone Column for recovery of different aromas.

With the latest developed technology, the quality of aroma recovered is much more concentrated and when added back to the product in proportion makes the product more attractive due to the presence of ‘Original Aroma’.

SSP has also developed a special technology called ARC for recovery of coffee aroma in which the Aroma Recovery is an integral part of the evaporator, which saves a lot of energy.

Speciality of SSP ‘AROMA RECOVERY’

  • High Quality Aroma
  • Maximum Aroma Stripping
  • Optimum use of Steam
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